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- 11/19/21 -

Cover Art Revealed for Upcoming Canadian Science Fiction Short Story Collection

MILTON, ONTARIO, November 19, 2021 - Aliens sit alongside young women in a bar while a monstrous child peeks through the window in the cover art for Live Nude Aliens and Other Stories by JD DeLuzio, revealed today from publisher Brain Lag.

London, Ontario-based artist and cartoonist D. S. Barrick provided the artwork for the cover of the upcoming science fiction collection by author JD DeLuzio. The wraparound art features characters from several stories in the collection, as well as a depiction of the author as bartender.

Live Nude Aliens?

As the title implies, the collection features an eclectic assortment of stories, some of which are stranger than others. Tales of a technological dystopia, extraterrestrials returning to Earth in 1971, and college students looking for a party but finding an eldritch horror instead fill the pages of the book.

Some of the stories have seen previous publication in anthologies and magazines like On Spec, Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic, but several in the collection are new, including the title story, which stars characters from DeLuzio's 2020 novel The Con. Another of the new stories is "Flying Whistle Stop", an alternate history/science fiction novella that tells the story of a young woman from small town Ontario who was born the day aliens arrived on Earth.

The author

JD DeLuzio has written and had published short stories in a range of genres. An active member in the southern Ontario science fiction community, DeLuzio has written articles on pop culture and participated in a number of panel discussions at conventions and events from Detroit to Toronto and beyond.


Milton, Ontario-based publisher Brain Lag will be releasing Live Nude Aliens and Other Stories, its 32nd title, on March 11, 2022. The book will be available in trade paperback and ebook formats, and preorders will be available through major retailers over the next few weeks. DeLuzio's earlier book, The Con, is available for purchase from bookstores everywhere.

Media inquiries and requests to contact the author can be directed to Catherine Fitzsimmons at publishing@brain-lag.com.

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