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Based in Ontario, Canada, Brain Lag publishes fantasy and science fiction books. Our focus is on helping our authors shine by providing each author with personalized attention. We are a small press publisher, however, with our dedication to quality, we strive to bring the high standards of New York Times bestsellers to every book we accept.

Here at Brain Lag, we love debut and emerging authors and stories that run the gamut of speculative fiction sub-genres. Our first criteria for every book we accept is a good story. Whether you like fast-paced action, slow burn epics, classic tales or envelope-pushing, short stories, or magical realism, we have a book (or two!) for you!

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- 05/20/22 -

Nineteenth-Century Painting Becomes the Face of Fantastic Novel of Sorcery and Technology

MILTON, ONTARIO, May 20, 2022 – Today, the cover art was revealed for upcoming epic science fantasy novel Alium by debut author Grady Lynch.

The cover features “Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains”, an 1868 painting by German-American artist Albert Bierstadt. A snow-capped mountain towers in the background, gradually sloping down through smaller peaks and valleys to the forested shores of a lake where a herd of deer is crossing.

Alium is now available for preorder through publisher Brain Lag and is making its way into bookstore catalogues ahead of its September 9th release. It will be available in trade paperback (460 pages, $25.99 CAD) and ebook ($4.99) formats.
For millions of years, the great mountain Zenidow has loomed untouched over the world of Altum. Now, however, four stout warriors are being drawn to it. The dreamer, the witch, the warrior, and the wind--fate will bring them together in a world torn by war, flowing with magic, and threatened by a vile presence from beyond the stars.
Lynch says, “My favorite stories reveal only as much as their characters come to understand about the cosmos. The gulfs which remain are filled by a reader’s imagination in the same way we look up at the stars or marvel at the trees of the physical world. My dream is to play the writer for once, to share my own world, and know that someone out there is completing it as they read.”

Alium is the thirty-eighth book and Lynch is the nineteenth author from Milton, Ontario-based science fiction and fantasy publisher Brain Lag. It is the publisher’s ninth release of twelve new books in 2022.

Media inquiries, requests to contact the author, or requests for advance review copies may be directed to publishing@brain-lag.com.

5/13/2022: New Science Fiction Short Story Collection Takes Readers on “Fantastic Voyages”

The first collection of short stories by longtime science fiction author Arlene F. Marks has released today. Imaginary Friends contains eleven stories of wonder, humour, and horror ranging from urban fantasy to superhero to space opera. [more...]

5/6/2022: Upcoming Urban Fantasy Novel Brings Magic and Fantastic Creatures to Minneapolis

AJ Grey: tattoo artist, witch, magical enforcer, and star of new urban fantasy novel Between Death and a Hard Place by Joe Weinberg, coming this autumn from Milton, Ontario-based publisher Brain Lag. [more...]

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