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The Light Between Stars

Immerse yourself in worlds new and familiar with this anthology of all-new stories from Brain Lag authors!

Coming July 2020
The Unseen Force
by Catherine Fitzsimmons

Damian Sires has seen the cruelty of the gods she used to worship. Now they are building an army, and most of Faneria supports its mission. Alone in her convictions, she must face a much greater foe than before, all while fighting against her own reputation.

Coming June 2020
The Maiden Voyage of New York City
by Gary Girod

New York City has been slowly drowning since the seas rose and buried the first two stories of the city. When a visionary engineer lifts the buildings out of the water, the city is suddenly revitalized. However, the Manhattan Miracle turns out to be anything but, as crime from the Boroughs skyrockets and endangers the people who thought they were finally rising from the ashes.

Coming May 2020
by David Rae

In a world of darkness, nothing is more precious and more coveted than a girl who shines like the sun...

Coming March 2020
A Jewel on Sapphire
by Catherine Fitzsimmons

Living on the space station Sapphire, Mia's biggest worry is collecting money for the school fundraiser, until she finds an alien on the station! She wants to keep it as a pet, but then it starts getting sick. She doesn't want to give it up, but if her parents find out, she'll have to. What can she do?

Released October 2019
Innocent Earth
by Dale E. McClenning

When highly advanced aliens arrive on Earth, they land in Jerusalem and appear just as predicted by the Bible. Religion and politics clash over their arrival and a simple translator is unexpectedly caught in the middle. Life on Earth will never be the same...

Now available in audiobook

Released February 2019
Soul, Light, and Wings
by Simon A. G. Spencer

In a frozen world of magic, shapeshifters, and organized crime, two police officers find a figure out of legend and go on a quest that will change their lives.

Released December 2017
Green Light to Paradise
by J. R. Dwornik

Super powers aren’t something to celebrate, but to fear. Private security force Sentinel keeps humanity safe, but Kali, infected with superhuman bad luck, finds Sentinel up to no good instead. Written like a Japanese light novel, this fun science fantasy includes original illustrations from four artists.

Now available in audiobook

Released August 2016
Tinker's Sea
by Stephen B. Pearl

Novo Gaia's tinkers take to the open waters of the Great Lakes in Tinker's Sea! When an aquatic tinker rescues a boy from a sinking ship, Novo Gaia might finally have the information it needs to end the threat of a pirate marauding the lakes in a nuclear-powered submarine. But with backing from a political rival, Packer won't go down easily.

Released July 2016
Tinker's Plague
by Stephen B. Pearl

In a not-so-distant future recovering from the depletion of fossil fuels, a sustainably-powered society tries to reintroduce the Dark Lands to modern technology using its Tinker program. But a lone tinker isn't enough to handle the outbreak of a plague from a time before the collapse of civilization...

Released April 2016
Why I Hunt Flying Saucers And Other Fantasticals
by Hugh A. D. Spencer

Collects the best-loved short stories by twice Aurora Award-nominated author Hugh A. D. Spencer! Malfunctioning household robots, an endless apocalyptic loop, potash-fuelled interstellar travel, and more—these stories stretch science fiction to its limit and bring it into our backyards at the same time.

Released April 2016
The Black Trillium
by Simon McNeil

In the haunted ruins of Toronto, where legend and history are one, three warriors will rise. One seeks answers, another seeks vengeance, and the third seeks glory, but they are all searching for a sublime martial art that will provide them unstoppable power.

Released June 2015
Extreme Dentistry
by Hugh A. D. Spencer

Middle-aged, middle-income and lapsed Mormon Arthur Percy felt his life lurch from a difficult normality onto the rails of a carnival ride heading somewhere too much like the Twilight Zone for his liking. Perhaps it is more the “Anti-Twilight Zone” that Arthur enters—where vampires and ghouls are not gorgeous but genetic parasites from a hideous communal intelligence known as the Hive.

Released April 2014
Enduring Chaos
by Catherine Fitzsimmons

Power might fade. Man might forget. But history never dies. Damian Sires might have been a normal young woman, had she not been born with unnatural eyes and a dangerous gift. She has kept both hidden throughout her life from a world that condemns magic. But power is coveted by many, and when her ability begins to spiral out of control, forgotten history is reawakened.

Released November 2013
by Catherine Fitzsimmons

A computer virus that infects cybernetic implants with unstoppable force has plagued people for ten years. A military-funded project to create an antivirus fell apart, and humanity’s best hope rests with a ragtag group of programmers and visionaries struggling to pick up where the lead engineer for the project left off. But the virus isn’t the only thing standing in their way.

Released August 2012
Ruins of Change
by J. R. Dwornik

Kina Ukiel is a guide for a band of mercenaries, discovering forgotten treasures within ancient ruins. During her latest adventure she discovers a sword which has been long lost since a time when the gods themselves waged war upon each other. With Kina's world rapidly changing, she's forced to face not only the dangers that she has returned to the world, but perhaps rediscover who she is.

Released June 2011
by Catherine Fitzsimmons

What starts as a young man's adventure of a lifetime soon becomes the most humbling experience he's ever had. Fighting for his very life, fighting fate, trying to grasp the foreign aspects of a strangely familiar land, and taking on a quest that will affect the entire world are just the beginning. And as months pass, he starts to long for something he never expected—home.

Released August 2010