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Cover art for BLACKOUT ODYSSEY, a watercolour painting of a large billboard and store front a la Honest Ed's

Blackout Odyssey

By Victoria Feistner

Fabulism, 14+
200 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-52-1
MSRP: $19.99 CAD paperback, $3.99 CAD ebook
Released: August 2021

Read sample: Web - PDF


All Mallory needs to do to get home is travel across Toronto in a straight line - How hard could it be?

But in this genderbent retelling of Homer's Odyssey set in the 2003 Northeastern Blackout, nothing so simple can ever go according to plan.

Before even boarding the shuttle bus in the east end, she manages to piss off the supernatural, getting a mystical bounty placed on her head. Before long, she's navigating a haunted department store that exists out of time and space, giving dating advice to the lord of the underworld, dodging Russian mobsters and Toronto raccoons, and staging acoustic battles of the bands. All while in a broken pair of heels, just trying to hail a ride--or even find a working pay phone--before the hussy across the hall makes a play for her boyfriend Dylan's affections (and home-cooked meal).

Reviews for Blackout Odyssey:

"Mallory's stubborn defiance in the face of the weirdness she stumbles on is endlessly entertaining, and her adventures double as a travelogue through famous Toronto sights. Feistner captures beauty, strangeness, and distinct Torontonian flair in her humorous, energetic prose. Fans of fresh takes on classics and quirky quests will find much to love." - Publishers Weekly

"Mallory is an engaging and charmingly stubborn protagonist who is easy to root for. This is a quick, fun read for fans of reimagined mythology, though still relatable for readers that prefer more realistic settings." - Booklist

"Blackout Odyssey, a gender-bent urban take on Homer's classic, sees a harried woman trying to get home--on foot--to her sexually besieged boyfriend in the midst of the 2003 blackout. In Feistner's Toronto, every shadowed corner hides a temptation or a trap; and a pissed off pantheon of tricksters runs the city like a magical mafia. This delightful, imaginative, insider view is the worst walking tour you were ever glad you went on." - Jadie Jang, author of Monkey Around

"Blackout Odyssey whisked me away on a magical journey to a fantastical world and at the same time gave me a chance to revisit dearly missed iconic Toronto spaces. Feistner transforms streets I've walked down thousands of times into a hidden Narnia." - Erin Rodgers, StarGaze