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Cover art for IMAGINARY FRIENDS, a simple blue background with snow falling; a cartoon of a man stands in the snow, his footprints leading off to the right, along with a second set of footprints stopping beside his but no other figure visible

Imaginary Friends

By Arlene F. Marks

Short stories, 14+
236 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-71-2
MSRP: $21.99 CAD paperback, $4.99 ebook
Released: May 2022

Read first chapter: Web - PDF


Extraterrestrial colonies with otherworldly secrets. A science-themed art installation about to go nova. A computer shop with a truly hellish customer. These tales show a deeply personal side to the fantastic worlds they imagine, whether it's the struggle of a troubled teen roped into an ages-old battle between light and dark or the loneliness of a grieving rabbi in outer space.

Arlene F. Marks, multi-genre novelist published for more than thirty years, shares eleven stories of wonder, beauty, and terror in this collection. Get ready, it's time to go on a magical ride and meet some extraordinary friends... and foes.

Stories in this collection

Comfort Food
Witch in the 'Hood
Freudian Slip
Business Is Business
Maury and Shred Go Ballistic
Doubling Back
Mightier Than the Sword
The Best Defence
Manua's Children

Reviews for Imaginary Friends

"The worlds and stories [Marks] touches on in this collection are vast and amazing. Whether the stories are previously published, connected to the universes of her novels, or wholly original, there is something for everyone who appreciates sf, dark humor, or captivating characters." - Booklist

"Arlene has the knack of writing intelligent and original stories full of surprises and psychologically realistic characters. They’re all good and several are superb." - Amazing Stories

"Marks and her imaginary friends take us on some pretty fantastic voyages – ones that make even the most jaded of SF reader thing they are back reading that first paperback full of really great stories!" - Hugh A. D. Spencer, multiple award-nominated author of The Hard Side of the Moon