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Cover art for LIVE NUDE ALIENS AND OTHER STORIES, a cartoon drawing of the inside of a bar, with two young women sitting at the counter, two aliens on either side of them, and a monstrous looking boy peering through the window

Live Nude Aliens and Other Stories

By JD DeLuzio

Short stories, 14+
262 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-67-5
MSRP: $19.99 CAD paperback, $4.99 ebook
Released: March 2022

Read first chapter: Web - PDF


From a technological dystopia to small town Canada, this collection of short fiction explores themes of change, memory, and things hiding in the shadows. These tales, previously-published and new, take classic space opera, pest problems, and the recent past in new and fresh directions.

Will electric light cast a world into darkness? Do you remember 1971, when Kennedy was in the White House, Hendrix sang about space, and the extraterrestrials returned? Has the invasion of the live nude aliens already begun? When you look at the world and see things slightly askew - our reality tilted just a few degrees - then you get stories like these.

Stories in this collection

Let There Be
Space Comprimari
Live Nude Aliens
The Book of Den(n)is
Robbie Burns Night
The Shade at Aseneith
Crabbing in Worley
The Count
No Human Involved
Flying Whistle Stop

Reviews for Live Nude Aliens and Other Stories

"There’s enough to chew on in these clever "what-ifs" to make this worthwhile for SFF readers." - Publishers Weekly