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ROSE placeholder cover image; cover reveal coming November 6


By Mike Bryant

Horror/comedy, 14+
250 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-48-4
MSRP: $19.99 CAD paperback, $3.99 CAD ebook
Coming April 2021


What do you do when the undead comes knocking on your door?
Play pop music for her, of course.

Katya, a grieving suburban wife recovering from trauma, is shocked, to say the least, when a shambling, mud-covered girl shows up at her home claiming she took her heart. Once she finds out the girl means her no ill will, however, they become unlikely friends.

Having lost the memories of the life that led to her untimely demise, the girl soon recruits Katya and husband Vijay in a whirlwind quest of self-discovery and revenge. And drinking. The more they learn, however, the more mysteries they uncover about the nature of her death.

Supernatural abilities aside, this conspiracy may end up with more deaths than her own.