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Cover art for THE AFGHAN WEDDING, a woman in a long dress and hijab standing in a desert on the bottom, a woman in winter gear in a frozen icescape upside down on the top

The Afghan Wedding

By Gary Girod

Science fiction, 16+
294 pages

ISBN: 978-1-928011-77-4
MSRP: $20.99 CAD paperback, $4.99 ebook
Released: August 2022

Read sample: Web - PDF


From a desert of sand to a desert of ice...

Avizeh Fatah is about to be married off to a local warlord in western Afghanistan when she suddenly finds herself outside a top-secret American military base in Antarctica. From there, hardened troops teleport instantly to danger zones around the world to combat terrorism.

Yet as an Afghan national who doesn't speak a word of English, she is a dangerous liability to the army presence there. Confined to the base for days that last years, Avizeh makes tentative friends and hones her burgeoning skills in hacking.

Desperate for real human connection and news of her family, she makes a mistake that sets her life on a course she never imagined. Wholly at the mercy of the U.S. government, Avizeh travels from New York to India to Australia, uncovering secrets, a new way of looking at the world, and love.

And just maybe, a way to fight back.